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Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Social media is an extremely effective way to engage with specific target audiences, build your b2b brand and support business development initiatives. We manage an individual or brand’s social media presence so as to create a loyal online community and achieve specific marketing goals. Our social media marketing services include:

  • Brand management across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Managing a combination of organic and boosted posts for maximum impact
  • Varied content to enhance engagement – photos, videos, quizzes, polls and contests
  • Content and campaigns aligned to your marketing plan
Platform Selection

Which social media platforms does your target audience use, and in what ways do they engage there?

Persona Creation

What will be your brand's persona, messaging and tone on a particular social media platform?


What will be the brand's activities on the chosen social media platform? What will be the schedule and budget?

MarketAxis social media case study
linkedin marketing post

Social Media Strategy

Creating a social media strategy requires an understanding of media consumption of your target audience. Which platforms do they use and in what ways do they engage? Your brand's persona, presence and content strategy need to be defined. Creative messaging that will help our brand to be memorable is also required at this stage.

Content Calendar

Consistently engaging with your target audience on the chosen social media platforms - whether LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other - requires fresh and topical content. This may need contributions from multiple stakeholders. The best way to manage this is to create a content calendar, with responsibilities assigned and processes defined. We create a content calendar for your social media marketing, and take ownership of executing it.

social media content calendar
facebook social media marketing

Social Media Content Creation

Each social media platform requires a specific type and flavor of content. Your brand must communicate in an interesting way in order to generate responses on social media. A variety of content types are required - stories, images, videos, quizzes, polls, contests and more. We put all these content elements at work to achieve brand building and business development objectives.

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