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    Market Research Services

    Align strategic and operational decisions with buyers’ behavior, attitudes, and perceptions.

    Whether you’re designing a new product or service or planning a marketing campaign, you’d love to know what will work. We design and execute market research, incorporating various methodologies to find the answers. 


      We understand your business objectives and define the insights we’re seeking. Then we choose the methodology, design the questionnaire, and select the sample size.

      We can leverage digital platforms to target specific profiles across geographies. At present, our in-person interview studies are offered only in India.

      Our ability to execute surveys on digital platforms ensures that you get results fast.

      We present findings using effective visualization tools that facilitate interpretation and reveal valuable insights.

      Why Research?


      Product Strategy

      With research, you can validate product or service concepts before investing in product development. You can also prioritize those features that matter most to potential buyers.



      Measure customer satisfaction to gauge whether customer retention will be high, or there's danger of losing customers to competitors. Do a detailed survey or a spot Net Promoter Score type estimate.

      MarketAxis social media case study


      Test market new ads, promotions, campaigns and messages to increase marketing effectiveness.

      seo marketaxis

      Channel Strategy

      Identify sales channel partners based on business profile and interest.

      Sample Projects

      content strategist

      New Product Strategy for a Consulting Firm

      A well-established firm in corporate learning and development was looking to refresh their product offerings. We conducted in-depth interviews of current, past and potential customers, as well as lost accounts, for insights about various concepts. We recommended which products were most likely to succeed, and finetuned features based on user priorities.


      Voice of the Consumer for a Healthtech Startup

      A stealth mode tele-medicine startup needed to understand consumer attitudes to create the business strategy for the future. Our qualitative research of target consumers helped to shape their business model, features and positioning.


      Market Opportunity for an Industrial Product

      A plastic manufacturing company selling to the automotive sector was looking to target new sectors. Our research helped to establish the opportunity, competition, distribution channel and pricing strategy.

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