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    Healthcare Content Writing Case Study

    Background and Objective

    A UAE based healthcare group with over 350 establishments in 8 countries owns a premium brand of multispeciality hospitals. When they were making a new website for this hospital brand,  they decided to make a site rich with information for patients. The plan involved providing information about almost 125 health conditions so that patients could be well informed and aware of their treatment options.

    The marketing team of the hospital started working with a content team that had previous healthcare experience. However, they found the writing that the content team produced was too clinical and transactional. Their core brand promise of care for patients was not coming through in the content.

    The MarketAxis content team started by studying the brand guidelines and speaking to the team to understand the brand personality better. Then we wrote some sample pages for them.  This involved research about the medical conditions and writing for a non-medical audience –  patients. The tone was always caring and reassuring, and we took care to share information that would not lead to self-diagnosis or treatment.

    The client awarded us the project to write about all the 125 conditions, the corporate sections, and the profiles of 400 doctors. SEO keywords provided by the client were incorporated in a natural way on each page.

    A team of 3 writers completed this challenging project within 2 months. British spelling was used throughout.

    Our Approach

    Writing Sample

    At Medcare, doctors take the time to have meaningful conversations with patients and draw in other specialists as required by the treatment plan. This multi-disciplinary team works in an integrated manner, along with nurses, dieticians, rehabilitation therapists and technologists. 

    The availability of all important specialities in one institution means that you get comprehensive care for your health as well as convenience. Drawing on the uniquely welcoming culture of the Middle East, our staff extends the same warmth to every patient.

    The new website is a huge asset for the Medcare brand and is delivering fantastic SEO results. The same group then entrusted us to write for their corporate website.


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