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Event Management Services

Event Management

Brand building and networking at events where you can connect with your target audience is a powerful marketing tool. In order to get the most out of your investment in events such as trade shows, exhibitions and seminars, sound analysis and planning needs to be done beforehand.

The MarketAxis team has tremendous experience in leveraging events to the hilt, and help you to select, plan and execute your participation in the right ones.

We have showcased a variety of brands through various event formats, including seminars, conferences, trade shows and exhibitions, as well as online events such as webinars.




Events offer a variety of opportunities to build brand awareness and enhance brand value.


A great way to increase your network of contacts, events help to break down barriers you may encounter when trying to reach new prospects.

Thought Leadership

Speaker slots at conferences, seminars or webinars help to build thought leadership among your target group.

event management
event management

Event Planning

Participating in an event can be a large investment of time, effort and money. We help you to get a good ROI on this investment. The first step is to create a list of events that are relevant for your target market. Then these events need to be analyzed - what are the brand building opportunities and what are the costs? With this data, we create a list of events that would be most impactful for us. Then we identify all the ways in which we can participate - ranging from simply attending as a delegate, to being a sponsor, or pitching for speaker slots. Finally, your event calendar should contain a mix that optimize your budgets and maximize visibility and networking opportunities.

Event Participation

There are many different ways in which you can participate in an event, and each takes careful planning and execution. To start with, we need to plan how we will participate - whether as delegates, or speakers, or sponsors, or exhibitors. Marketing collateral such as brochures or product samples, as well as gifts or giveaways will be needed. Branding elements such as banners will need to be designed and produced. The team that will represent your brand will need to plan and prepare. We help you to handle each of these aspects systematically.

event management
event management

Follow Ups and Analytics

Once you've got a chance to shake hands with dozens or even hundreds of people at an event, it's very important that these interactions be systematically entered into a CRM, and used for further sales and marketing. We help you to send follow up communications, and put a drip marketing plan in place for contacts generated from events. We also help with analytics to determine which events have worked best for you.

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