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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Google Ads Management is a specialized activity that needs technical experts to devote time and focus. Our consultants have a wealth of experience in search, display and re-marketing on Google, LinkedIn and Facebook. We work with you on:  

  • Ad strategy, budgets and media allocation
  • Ad creatives
  • Campaign execution
  • Ongoing analytics and optimization of budgets
  • Focus on improving CTR and conversion rates

Hand over your digital advertising management to us and watch your costs drop and leads soar!

Set Up

Launching a digital advertising campaign requires strategy and planning. The initial setup involves keyword and cost research and creatives for ads and landing pages.

Launch and Monitor

Once an ad campaign has been launched, it's important to monitor its performance regularly, and respond quickly to insights.


In order to maximize the ROI on online ads, great focus is needed on ongoing optimization.

digital marketing
digital marketing PPC

Text Search Ads

Google text search ads help to put your brand before your target audience at the time when they are seeking something online. A good strategy can help your brands to appropriate certain keywords or key phrases. Leverage paid searches to achieve top of mind brand recognition, recall and relevant traffic.

Display Ads

Image ads shown through the Google Display Network help to put your brand before your target audience at the time when they are viewing some relevant online publications or new sites. You get brand building at multiple visual touchpoints across web properties visited by your target audience such as industry portals.

Google display ad sample
LinkedIn ad sample

Advertising on Social Media

Your target audience may be engaging with specific social media platforms such as Facebook, or LinkedIn, or Twitter, or Instagram. We help you to launch advertising campaigns on these social media channels.

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