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Pune, India


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Creating Powerful Marketing Content

This is a unique module designed for:

  • Managers with a responsibility to create marketing content for products or services
  • Content creation managers at marketing or advertising agencies
  • Entrepreneurs who work on content creation
  • Bloggers/ copywriters/ PR professionals

For brand building or lead generation, content needs to be effective and engaging and touch a chord with the target audience. As the marketplace is increasingly global, your content also needs to be world class. In order to retain mind-space content has to be published often and regularly.
This makes content creation a highly demanding activity – with a need for speed, engagement, quality and volume.

Types of content:
eMailers, websites, social media posts, infographics, brochures, newsletters, eBooks


  • Planning: Defining the target audience, objectives and strategy
  • Structure: Title, openings, body, call-to-action, closings
  • Language: Elegance, tone, correctness
  • Images: How to use images effectively and create infographics
  • Quality: Proofreading

This workshop has been conducted as an open program in Pune and a corporate training for the Ador Group.