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    How to Become a
    Content Strategist

    Online Training and Corporate Workshops on B2B Content Strategy and Planning

    According to research by the Content Marketing Institute, 69% of the most successful marketers have a well-documented content strategy. And it’s no accident that only 16% of the least successful ones do.

    That’s why a content strategist is a senior and an important role in many progressive organizations globally.

    At MarketAxis, we felt that professionals who wish to take on the content strategist role in B2B organizations need specific learning content.

    So we created a comprehensive course for content strategy and planning in B2B marketing. The course is available as online training on the Udemy platform or in-person workshops for corporate clients.

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    Course outline

    • How Content Drives B2B Marketing
    • Setting Your Content Strategy Goals
    • Defining Buyer Personas
    • Brand Voice
    • Content Themes, Pillars and Topic Clusters
    • Content Planning, Publishing, and Promotions: Creating a Content Calendar

    More Resources

    • A workshop that helps participants to learn content creation skills. Covers planning, structure, writing, images and quality standards for eMailers, websites, social media posts, infographics, brochures, newsletters, eBooks
    • Creating Powerful Marketing Content workshop. 
    • Why Your Business Needs a Content Strategist
    • Blog post.

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