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Channel Management

Channel Management

You can expand into new market segments or geographies by building a network of business partners.  We help to execute this go-to-market strategy by putting a program in place to recruit and manage channel partners.


You may want to create a network that only does 'door opening'. A referral or recommendation from them may be of value to get leads or close deals.


If you offer products or well-defined services, you could explore having resellers who manage the sales process completely.


For some product and service categories, the partnership may extend beyond sales. You could plan to fulfill orders together with your partner network.

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channel management

Channel Program Planning

Once you've taken a decision to go-to-market with a channel network, you need to define the profile of potential partners. What kind of individuals or businesses have access to the market segment that you are targeting? What is the value that you are offering them to become your partners? Answering these questions requires market insights, data and brainstorming.

Outreach to Potential Partners

We help you to put specific campaigns in place to reach out to potential business partners. Design the communication, reach out via email marketing or social media. Prepare presentations to showcase the value proposition to potential partners.

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Channel Management and Motivation

Increasing sales through a channel network takes more than just signing contracts. You will need to support partners with marketing programs, and see that they are motivated to give their best. We help you to put a channel management program in place.

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