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    Brand Identity

    We enable businesses to create and launch new brands, or refresh existing ones. Our approach to brand creation is always based on a strategic positioning exercise, and creation of a brand charter that defines the core benefits, values and tone of the brand. The brand charter forms the basis to brainstorm about the brand name and logo design.


    The brand creation process must lead to total clarity about the brand promise, values and style.


    Consistency in the brand's visual identity, tone and voice across all communication channels helps to create a strong presence.


    How can brand communications stand out in a cluttered world? Creativity is key.

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    Brand Name Ideas

    With a clear brand charter in place, we ideate to create a strong, memorable and meaningful brand name. We check the availability of possible names, and use a variety of creative approaches, such as ‘play on words’ to come up with interesting brand names.
    Here are some names we’ve created:

    • Emptifull: For a news app, the name denotes that the app will fill the emptiness in media with meaning.
    • Rejuvenighted: For a portal focused on sleep disorders and how to get restful sleep.
    • Stairway2Haven: For a portal about vacation homes.
    • Ad Astra Media: Many years before the Brad Pitt film, we gave this name to a media company. From the latin phrase, ‘ad astra per aspera’ or ‘to the stars through our efforts’ and also playing on the word ‘ad’ for advertising.

    Logo Design

    Once the brand name has been finalized, our designers create the brand’s visual identity. The logo design is the foundation of this visual identity, and corporate stationery is also created based on the logo design, and in accordance with the chosen brand colors. We provide a brand guidelines manual to ensure all future usage of the brand will be in accordance with the defined principles.


    Brand Personality

    Defining the brand tone, voice and persona helps all brand custodians to ensure consistency in brand communications.

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