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    Brand Creation Case Study

    Background and Objective

    The client is a well established consulting and training company with a strong customer base of corporate customers. They had a team of very highly qualified corporate trainers and executive coaches. However, their business continued to be dominated by corporate learning and development requirements. They were not experiencing the expected growth in the executive coaching business.

    MarketAxis strategy consultants were brought in to find the right approach for the executive coaching market. We started with looking at the executive coaching market size and growth and found that this is a fast growth segment in India as well as globally. There was a strong need for the client to position themselves more strongly.

    We conducted a dipstick survey of the company’s coachees, potential clients, as well as coaches who are not a part of this company. We found that the brand perception about the client is so strong in learning and development, as excellent trainers, that no one thinks of them in connection with executive coaching. This was in spite of them having a number of excellent coaches, with international certifications in the team.

    For this reason, the MarketAxis strategy consultants recommended that they launch a new brand in executive coaching.

    Further market study also revealed that most coaching companies have just one star coach. The major differentiation that the client had to offer was the number of senior coaches – a team with both depth and breadth of experience.


    Brand Name and Logo

    MarketAxis was completely involved at every stage of the new brand creation. We brainstormed with the leadership and senior coaches to articulate what the new brand would stand for.

    When it came to selecting the name of the new brand for executive coaching, we offered a large number of options for the client’s consideration. After extensive brainstorming and discussions, the name of the new brand was chosen to be Coach Mantra.

    Our design team created the logo for the new brand. The concept behind the logo was to show a person emerging stronger through coaching. The graphic invokes the feeling of a flower blossoming, and the petals also denote the helping hands of a coach.

    MarkeAxis logo design

    We also recommended the right brand architecture for the new brand. The logo included the phrase ‘powered by’, to show the connection to the older and more established brand.

    With a new brand, the executive coaching work of the client could come into the limelight.

    We created the content for the CoachMantra website, brochure and presentation. We also provided all the content for the emailer and social media campaigns to launch the new brand.

    Looking Ahead

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