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    Being a Social Media Marketing Intern is Fun!

    Khusboo Thakan, an MBA student and intern with MarketAxis, shares her experiences in this blog post.

    Social media buzz is always around us, you may think you are not paying it much attention, but it will draw you in with something new.

    In just a few months I have discovered so much about social media marketing. Marketing over social media or using social media platforms is becoming more and more fascinating by the day. It may seem easy, but it takes an effort to maintain your brand on social platforms.

    At MarketAxis Consulting, I have learned how to engage effectively with my audience and establish my brand. I’m sharing the social media marketing techniques that I use on the project.

    Let’s go through it, first and foremost to grow your business on social media platforms you need a strategy and a specific approach. We at MarketAxis brainstorm, research about the client’s brand and create a content calendar that is best suited for their business, and we take ownership of executing it. Your content calendar carries tasks/activities related to the event or company. In order to enhance audience engagement we post photos, videos, polls, quizzes, etc.. Tracking deadlines and dates for announcements, webinars, and brand visibility to your desired audience is our job.

    Next comes, designing the creatives using Canva or any other tools. We add images that suit the topic of the post, use headlines, punchlines, and creative ideas that will connect to the audience in the best possible way. I’ve learned that one needs to select the image carefully to make sure it is clear to your target audience.

    Work on the description for the post, make sure it is useful to the audience and it addresses them to take some action on the post. Also, add relevant hashtags and tag colleagues or influencers to grow your brand. Content can really make or break a brand.

    Choose the right platform or channel whether it is Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube for the promotion of your brand to reach the right audience. You need to customize content based on the channel with the right kind of creative. This has a far greater impact than we realize. In order to tailor the content for each channel, you need to understand the nature of all of them and choose the right platform for your content.

    Get Your B2B Marketing Strategy

    1. Twitter: This is best for real-time communication and interaction.
    2. Facebook and Instagram: They both are engaging in nature and encourage people to interact through messages, comments, replies, and shares. Instagram is purely visual and you need to have interesting images to make your mark there.
    3. LinkedIn: Is basically for professional networking and knowledge sharing, and is the right platform to showcase your expertise or grow your business.
    4. YouTube: It is all about video content sharing.
    5. Pinterest: Valuable for sharing infographics on specific topics.
    6. Your website blog: This helps to share more details and longer content.

    Scheduling the post a week in advance makes the work easy. You can use tools like Sproutsocial, Hootsuite to automate the posting process.

    Online Reputation Management is important as there is no face-to-face conversation, so your reputation is largely dependent on social media and online review sites where your audience is talking about you and also tweeting or posting about you. To maintain the credibility of your brand you need to interact with people who are talking about it, socially listen to them, and provide the information that they require. It is also about opening up to criticism, feedback, and reacting promptly to avoid any kind of crisis.

    A paid ad campaign is a form of web marketing that is designed to connect ads with your searchers actively seeking what you provide. This helps to grow your business by finding new prospects and generating leads. You can run an ad campaign based on your targeting and budget.

    Analytics is used to track your progress, success, and engagement for all kinds of campaigns. Most of the social media platforms have built-in data analytics tools. Monthly interpretation of social media data is done by creating a report and is discussed with the client.

    A successful social media campaign requires consistent work, providing value, and engaging with your target audience.

    Event Marketing with MarketAxis

    Online events such as live sessions, webinars help to build your brand on social media by connecting with your audience directly. It involves a lot of preparation and real-time engagement with your desired audience. I had the wonderful opportunity to handle events like the Smart School Hackathon, Kids Against Corona (online poster competition), for the Inter-Institutional Inclusive Innovations Center (i4c) which is the part of Persistent Systems Ltd.

    Thank you, MarketAxis

    It is an awesome journey to be a social media intern at MarketAxis. I would like to thank you, Suhasini ma’am, for giving me such an opportunity and always supporting me. Anupriya ma’am, thank you for being there always and teaching me new things all the time. I have learned a lot from you both gorgeous ladies. Happy marketing at MarketAxis is all about being with my teammates and discovering a new skill every day.

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