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    B2B Sales Growth and CRM

    This course gives B2B business leaders and sales & marketing managers the clarity to engineer their business growth. It has the potential to transform your business, yet, the material is extremely simple and flows logically. The few hours you spend studying this will certainly be the best investment you ever made in your business.

    Start looking at sales through the lens of the buyers’ needs and increase your probability of closing deals. Next, we come to the numbers – see how your sales pipeline needs to be in order to achieve your targets. How many deals do you need, and how many leads will help you get those leads. What do your prospects need at each stage of their journey?

    You will learn what you need to do in order to build and maintain the pipeline. You will discover how to track the value of your pipeline using a simple spreadsheet, as well as how to use a CRM for this purpose. Once you understand the main aspects of a CRM system, you can explore any CRM and use it easily. The course is not related to any specific CRM product. You will learn the features and functionalities that are available in most CRM.

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