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    Content Strategy and Planning
    in B2B Marketing

    The secret to success in marketing today

    The Why,
    What and How of Content

    For digital marketing, social media, and SEO to really deliver results, a well thought out content strategy is essential. Start with defining specific goals for content. Then choose your content themes, pillar content, and topic clusters, based on audience research and buyer personas. And finally, create your content creation machinery, starting with a content audit, putting together a team, and a content calendar.

    Content helps B2B marketers to achieve specific goals

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    Work With Our Content Strategists

    content strategist

    Goals and Metrics

    Defining SMART goals for content creation and marketing

    content strategist

    Buyer Personas

    Start with the macro - audience research, market intelligence, and then gather micro-insights on buyer personas.

    market research

    Content Themes, Pillars, Clusters

    Synthesize buyer persona insights and SEO targets to decide content themes, pillar content and topic clusters.

    content strategist

    Your Content Machinery

    A content creation process, publishing and promotion according to a structured content calendar.

    B2B doesn’t mean boring!

    Create your winning
    content strategy today

    We work as your content strategy partners and take ownership of the entire process. We provide training for professionals aspiring to be content strategists - classroom training for corporate clients, or online training on the Udemy platform.

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